From the Set of The Dark Knight Rises – Part 1


There are different levels of secrecy in this crazy movie business of ours, but few of them match the amount of secrecy surrounding Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, his third and final foray into the world of Batman alongside Christian Bale.

When were invited down to Pittsburgh last August to see what Nolan had been up to, we weren’t too surprised that we had to sign an extensive embargo, but we also were not able to tell anyone where we going or what we were doing, including our kids, parents and significant othersÂ… so Mom, if you were wondering where I disappeared to for those 48 hours last August, now you know.

Nolan’s third movie is a little bit different from the others, first because it’s following a movie that became the second-highest grossing movie of all time (since knocked down by Avatar and now The Avengers), the sort of success that surely must put a lot more pressure on everyone involved. It’s also the movie that introduces one of Batman’s roster that many have been hoping to see ever since Nolan took over the franchise, and that would be his sometime-lover, sometime-nemesis Catwoman. The announcement of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman led equally to excitement and concerns, but most of the latter were allayed when the first photos were released, which ironically enough, was the very same week we visited the set.

In fact, by the time we visited the set, there were already dozens of pictures and videos of the Pittsburgh production online, since there’s only so much one can do in terms of security when you’re shooting on the streets and at public locations of a major metropolis like Pittsburgh as Nolan had been doing. The challenges of keeping the movie’s secrets a secret were going to be compounded on our visit, since as our bus rolled up to Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field, we could see literally thousands of extras, all dressed in black and gold, being led up to the entrances where they’d be escorted into the stands to watch a very special football game in what had been turned into Gotham Stadium.

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The Dark Knight Rises opens in traditional and IMAX theaters on Friday, July 20.