CS Video: Sound of My Voice Star Brit Marling


Following last year’s head-turning debut as the star and co-writer (with Mike Cahill) of the science fiction tale Another Earth, Brit Marling is back in theaters this Friday with Sound of My Voice, a dramatic thriller with its own fair share of sci-fi elements.

Again co-writing (this time with director Zal Batmanglij), Marling stars as Maggie, a mysterious but undeniably charismatic leader of what, on the surface, appears to be a new wave cult. When a documentary filmmaker, Peter (Christopher Denham), and his girlfriend, Lorna (Nicole Vicius) try to infiltrate the group, they quickly find themselves in over their heads and are forced to confront the fact that Maggie may be deceiving her followers towards a dangerous end or, even more terrifying, that she might be telling the truth.

ComingSoon.net had the chance to sit down with Marling to talk about some of the unique stylistic elements in Sound of My Voice as well as about the film’s extensive viral marketing (which, last month, we took part in).

Please be aware, the interview does contain minor spoilers if you haven’t already checked out the first 12 minutes of the film.