CS Video: The Cast of Casa de mi Padre


Promising one of the strangest experiences to hit the big screen in some time, Casa de mi Padre casts Will Ferrell as Armando Alvarez, a Mexican rancher whose land comes under attack from a violent drug lord, La Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal), who has connections to Armando’s brother, Raul (Diego Luna). Making matters worse, Armando begins to fall for his brother’s bride-to-be, Sonia (Genesis Rodriguez) against a backdrop of guns, blood and the spirit of the Mexican wilderness.

Also, the entire film is in Spanish.

ComingSoon.net had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Ferrell, Luna, Rodriguez and Nick Offerman (who plays an American DEA agent) about striking the proper blend of comedy and action, working and improvising in a foreign language and about the bizarre blend that ultimately is Casa de mi Padre.

Check out the video interviews in the player below and catch the film in a limited release on Friday, March 16. (Also look for our interview with Gael Garcia Bernal later this week.)