10 Spider-Man Characters We Want to See in the Next Movie


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Which Spider-Man characters should show up for the Homecoming sequel? We have a few ideas!

Spider-Man: Homecoming has arrived in theaters, and we couldn’t be happier to see Spidey in the MCU. In many ways, the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie trilogy helped set the stage for the MCU and the modern comic book blockbuster films. So it’s fitting to see Peter Parker and other Spider-Man characters sharing the stage with Iron Man and the Avengers.

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But what is the future of the Marvel and Sony collaboration? Only Spider-Man, his immediate supporting cast, and a handful of villains are available for the MCU. Sony still has ambitions of creating its own Spider-verse of movies with plans to bring Venom, Black Cat and Silver Sable to the screen in films that will be made outside of the partnership with Marvel Studios.

There are still many intriguing Spider-Man character possibilities, however, that could still play out in a Homecoming sequel. Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery is among the best ever created, and he also has an abundance of interesting people who have important roles in his life. Spider-Man: Homecoming introduced several of the key players in Peter Parker’s life, but not all of them.

We already know that the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming will arrive on July 5, 2019, shortly after the release of the fourth Avengers movie. But that means this film will likely begin production within the next 12 months. To get a jump on things, ComingSoon.net has put together a list of the 10 Spider-Man characters we want to see in the next movie. But feel free to share your picks in the comment section below!


Mysterio is one of the Spider-Man characters we want to see in the Homecoming sequel. What Spider-Man characters do you want to see?

There’s been some talk that Sony may want to make a Mysterio solo movie. He’s a villain by design, though, and not necessarily the kind of character who can headline his own story. But as an adversary to Spider-Man, Mysterio is not only a bigger showboat than Spidey himself, he’s also a master of spin. Keep in mind, one of the key aspects of Spider-Man is that the general public is either frightened of him or they don’t trust him. Spider-Man: Homecoming doesn’t really deal with that, but Mysterio’s ability to create illusions could go a long way towards ruining Spidey’s good name.

Mysterio’s alter ego, Quentin Beck, was eventually revealed to have ties to the Tinkerer, and that could potentially come into play for Homecoming’s sequel as well. There may be more members of the Vulture’s inner circle than we realized, and Beck’s illusions may have even more power if they’re backed up by alien technology.

Kraven the Hunter

Kraven is another one of the Spider-Man characters we want to see. What Spider-Man characters do you want to see?

Kraven is another character Sony reportedly wants to franchise. Marvel has already tried to make a semi-heroic version of Kraven out of one of his sons, and it was not positively received by fans. No matter who Kraven is, he’s always a much better villain than a hero. The character’s costume may be a bit over-the-top for the movies, but his tracking abilities could cause a lot of problems for Spidey, particularly if he can follow Peter Parker’s trail to his school or his home. He may lack Spider-Man’s strength, but Kraven’s cunning and his fighting abilities would make him more than a worthy adversary.

J. Jonah Jameson

J Jonah Jameson is one of the all time greatest Spider-Man characters. What Spider-Man characters do you want to see in a Homecoming sequel.

J. Jonah Jameson is Spider-Man’s greatest threat who isn’t a super villain. The publisher of The Daily Bugle has such a one-sided vendetta against Spider-Man that he devotes all of his energy into convincing the public that Spidey is “a menace!” And for most of Spider-Man’s life, he succeeded. J.K. Simmons was perfectly cast in the original Sam Raimi trilogy, and fans would welcome him back to the role if he was so inclined. The Amazing Spider-Man reboot films didn’t cast a new JJJ and he is overdue for a comeback in the MCU. That would also open the door for Peter’s career as a photographer for The Daily Bugle.

The Chameleon

The Chameleon is one of the best Spider-Man characters. In fact, he's sort of all the Spider-Man characters.

Spider-Man: Homecoming revamped the Vulture and the Tinkerer, two of the earliest foes that Spidey faced in the comics. For the sequel, perhaps Marvel and Sony will consider giving the Chameleon the same treatment. The thing that makes the Chameleon so deadly is that he could literally be anyone at any moment. He’s a master of disguise who has infiltrated Peter Parker’s life on more than one occasion while also ruining Spider-Man’s reputation. The Chameleon’s family connection to Kraven would also be a good reason to include both of them in the same story.


Prowler is one of those Spider-Man characters we'd love in a Homecoming sequel. What Spider-Man characters do you want to see?

Hobie Brown has had an interesting progression in the Spider-Man comic books. As the Prowler, Brown was initially a villain who was out for himself. However, Spidey was able to convince Prowler to reform and they’ve become friends and allies over the past few decades of stories. It would be intriguing to see Spider-Man defeat a villain with his words and actions instead of a traditional fight. Plus, Prowler is pretty close in age to Peter Parker himself. They may even be classmates in the new MCU.

Alternately, we may have already seen the Prowler in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Donald Glover’s role is Aaron Davis, who was the Prowler of the Ultimate Marvel Universe and the uncle of Miles Morales, the second Ultimate Spider-Man. Aaron even seems to allude to his nephew in the movie, which suggests that we’ll see him again.

Hulk/Bruce Banner

Some more Spider-Man characters from the Marvel universe would be cool. What Spider-man characters do you want to see?

One of the few things we know for sure about the sequel to Homecoming is that it will feature another hero from the MCU, and that it won’t be Tony Stark. While some might argue that Chris Evans’ Captain America should get the nod, we have a different suggestion: Bruce Banner, a.k.a. the Hulk.

Believe it or not, we’ve never actually seen the Hulk and Spider-Man share the stage in live-action, although that may change in Avengers: Infinity War. It’s easy to see a young Peter Parker looking up to Banner’s brilliance while being unable to deal with his alter-ego. Since Hulk has been more heroic since the first Avengers movie, perhaps this would be a good opportunity to introduce the Grey Hulk, a more intelligent and vicious incarnation of Banner’s monster. Even the Grey Hulk isn’t quite evil, but he’d be a very formidable adversary for Spidey.


Spider-Man characters are usually quite colorful. What Spider-Man characters do you want to see?

Why is it so difficult for Marvel’s TV characters to make the leap to the big screen? Rumor has it that there is very deep tension between Marvel Studios and Marvel TV, which is still controlled by the publishing side of the company. It’s ridiculous, but that’s what happens when egos clash on the grand stage of Hollywood.

Having said that, Netflix‘s Daredevil is the perfect choice to break that division because he’s a street-level hero, very much like Spidey himself. Matt Murdock and Peter Parker also have a friendship that goes back several decades in the comics, and it’s well-worth exploring on the big screen. It would also be an outstanding opportunity to bring in the Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Kingpin.

Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy is another of those Spider-Man characters we'd love to see on the big screen again. What Spider-Man characters do you want to see?

At some point, Spider-Man needs Gwen Stacy. She was the first great love of Peter Parker’s life, and we all know how that played out. But this time, there’s an opportunity for things to be different. Hardcore Spidey fans may have noticed that Cindy Moon/Silk is in Homecoming, but she doesn’t appear to have powers like Peter. If someone else was bitten by the radioactive spider in the MCU, then why not Gwen Stacy? Her Spider-Gwen costume is already iconic, and it would be a unique twist if the MCU’s Gwen was more than just a victim waiting to die. Frankly, it would be easier to introduce Gwen Stacy as this world’s Spider-Woman than it would be to untangle the mess of Jessica Drew’s backstory.

Molten Man

Molten Man is one of our favorite Spider-Man characters. Would you want to see any specific Spider-Man characters in future films?

Now, we’re getting into some spoiler territory for Spider-Man: Homecoming. You may want to stop reading if you haven’t seen it yet. You’ve been warned!

Assuming that you’re still with us and that you’ve seen Homecoming, then you should know that Liz Allan was seemingly written out of Peter Parker’s life by the end of this movie. What could possibly bring her back into his orbit? Aside from the escape of someone close to her, it would have to be the emergence of her step-brother, Mark Raxton, the Molten Man.

Mark was a scientist-turned-supervillain after his skin was covered with a liquid metallic alloy. And despite his occasional lapses in sanity, Liz was the only one in her family who never turned her back on Mark. Liz’s quest to save Mark’s life and his soul could actually give her a powerful character arc of her own, even if she doesn’t have powers.

Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane is one of the best known Spider-Man characters. Who among all the Spider-Man characters do you want in a Homecoming sequel.

Zendaya is really good in Spider-Man: Homecoming, She’s also quite funny and she has a few moments where she lets her emotional guard down as well. But the big twist in the movie is that her character, Michelle James, says her friends call her “MJ.”

Michelle absolutely deserves to have a bigger role in the sequel, but is she really the MCU’s Mary Jane Watson? Either way, Mary Jane is an essential part of the Spider-Man mythos and we’re hoping to learn a lot more about her in the years to come!