The Star Wars News Roundup for July 7, 2017

The Star Wars News Roundup for July 7, 2017

The purpose of this roundup is to put all the Star Wars news from the week of July 7, 2017 in one location. If you read this each week, you should be able to converse fluently with any Star Wars fan on everything from the latest Star Wars developments to the latest toys. And maybe you’ll even share with them something that they might have missed.

Let’s get to it!

The Last Jedi News and Rumors

REPORT: #StarWars #TheLastJedi won’t be at #SDCC 2017:

— SDCC Unofficial Blog (@SD_Comic_Con) July 1, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Reportedly Getting Behind-The-Scenes Reel At Disney D23? – #StarWars #TheLastJedi

— SWNN (@StarWarsNewsNet) July 3, 2017

Do Rian Johnson’s classic film influences reveal the ending of #TheLastJedi?

— Nerdist (@nerdist) July 4, 2017

Han Solo News and Rumors

LEGO Star Wars: Han Solo Product Dates Suggest Film Will Still Arrive In May 2018 – #HanSolo #StarWars

— SWNN (@StarWarsNewsNet) July 4, 2017

Television News and Rumors

— Dave Filoni (@dave_filoni) July 7, 2017

I’m beyond excited to be scoring STAR WARS: FORCES OF DESTINY for #Lucasfilm! @starwars #starwars

— Ryan Shore (@ryanshore) July 3, 2017

Shelby Young Is Voice Of Leia In ‘Forces Of Destiny’ – #StarWars #ForcesOfDestiny @shelby_young

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) July 6, 2017

In this episode of The #StarWarsShow, we bring you an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes look at the making of… The Star Wars Show!

— Star Wars (@starwars) July 5, 2017

Around The Web

ROGUE ONE’s Felicity Jones to star in SWAN LAKE movie from SUSPIRIA director Luca Guadagnino. Bidding war under way!

— Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) July 6, 2017

Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber sold for $450,000 to Ripley’s Believe It or Not company

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) July 1, 2017

No holiday for bloggers! The latest post is up–meeting Rick McCallum first time.

— J. W. Rinzler (@jwrinzler) July 3, 2017

Holiday bonus blog: For July 4—cos it happens to cover Lucasfilm July 4 picnics, usual place:

— J. W. Rinzler (@jwrinzler) July 4, 2017

Next post in Rise/Fall of SW is up:

— J. W. Rinzler (@jwrinzler) July 5, 2017


Bad news: The “Making #RogueOne” book is cancelled. The listing has disappeared & all other catalogues say the same.

— Florian (@germanjedi) July 3, 2017


Learn how Star Wars fan Wissam Santina brought @Marvel‘s Vader Down to life in an epic diorama.

— Star Wars (@starwars) July 5, 2017

The #HCF17 Checklist: DARTH MAUL #1 from @Marvel! In comic shops on Halloween ComicFest:

— Halloween ComicFest (@halloweencomic) July 6, 2017


Rey Now A Permanent Character At Star Wars: A Galaxy Far Far Away In Hollywood Studios

— Bleeding Cool (@bleedingcool) July 2, 2017

Video Game

New details. #StarWarsBattlefrontII
Learn more:

— EAStarWars (@EAStarWars) July 5, 2017

The Force is strong with her. Very strong. #StarWarsBattlefrontII

— EAStarWars (@EAStarWars) July 6, 2017


We’ve updated our list of the #SDCC exclusives you’re looking for with @ANOVOS, @OriginalFunko, & more!

— Star Wars (@starwars) July 3, 2017

A better look at Jakks Pacific’s #SDCC exclusive “Hildebrandt” Darth Vader: (via @yak_face)

— SDCC Unofficial Blog (@SD_Comic_Con) June 30, 2017

SDCC 2017: Gentle Giant Exclusive Princess Leia Hologram Statue – #StarWars @GentleGiantLTD #SDCC2017 #SDCC

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) July 3, 2017

He’s the best bounty hunter in the galaxy!
Take a look at the Boba Fett Life-Size Bust.

— SideshowCollectibles (@collectsideshow) July 4, 2017

These gaping mouth Star Wars snack bowls aren’t screaming as loud as I am

— io9 (@io9) July 5, 2017

Watch How Hallmark Designed Their ‘Star Wars’ Storytellers Ornaments – #StarWars @Hallmark

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) July 5, 2017

Hayden Christensen Autographs Coming To Topps – #StarWars @Topps

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) July 5, 2017