Exclusive New Clip From Thin Ice


In Thin Ice, the new dark comedy from Jill Sprecher (Clockwatchers), Greg Kinnear plays Mickey Prohaska, a Wisconsin insurance salesman who thinks he’s scored when he’s introduced to a crotchety retired farmer named Gorvy Hauer, played by Kinnear’s Little Miss Sunshine co-star (and Oscar winner) Alan Arkin. At first, he’s just happy selling Gorvy a needless insurance policy but then he discovers the old man has been storing an old violin that may be worth thousands of dollars. The film also stars Lea Thompson as Mickey’s estranged wife (and boss) and Billy Crudup as Randy, the volatile and temperamental locksmith who discovers Mickey’s plot and decides to cut himself into the scam.

The film’s distributor ATO Pictures has provided ComingSoon.net with an exclusive clip from the movie which has Mickey and Randy talking about one of the loose ends in their plan, which they hid underneath the frozen lake.

Thin Ice opens in select cities on February 17.