CS Video: Jonah Hill & Chris Pratt Play Moneyball


On Friday, September 23, Sony will release the big screen version of Michael Lewis’ best-selling novel Moneyball, which went behind the scenes of the Oakland A’s baseball team and showed how general manager Billy Beane used stats and numbers to put together a new team rather than conventional means. In the movie, Beane is played by Brad Pitt.

The cast of the movie was in Toronto for the annual film festival, and unfortunately, ComingSoon.net didn’t have a chance to talk to Brad Pitt–maybe someday he’ll be famous enough for us to bother talking to him–but we did get a chance to talk to Jonah Hill, who plays Beane’s right hand numbers man Peter Brand, and Chris Pratt (Andy from “Parks and Recreation”), who plays Scott Hatteberg, one of the undervalued players recruited by Beane and Brand onto the A’s.

You can watch the highlights of our interviews with the two comic actors, who are both doing a rare bit of drama in the movie directed by Bennett (“Capote”) Miller. We talked to them about their own backgrounds with baseball, how they prepared for their roles, and yeah, we also sort of asked what it was like working with Brad Pitt, if you really must know.

Moneyball opens across the country on Friday, September 23, and you can watch our video interview with director Bennett Miller here.