TIFF Video Interview: Michelle Monaghan for Machine Gun Preacher


The adage that behind every great man there’s a great woman may be a bit overused, but it’s certainly the case with Sam Childers, the former drug addict and convict portrayed by Gerard Butler in Machine Gun Preacher, who turned his life around, flew to the Sudan and started a crusade to save the kids whose parents had been killed by the military and were being inducted as child soldiers themselves.

Much of what changed Sam’s life was his faith in God and the support of his wife Lynn, a former stripper played in the movie by Michelle Monaghan. This role is a bit different for her as she’s an intricate part of the drama for Sam back in Pennsylvania, as Lynn keeps Sam grounded while he’s caught up in the war conflict in Sudan.

We’re big fans of Monaghan here at ComingSoon.net going back to her role opposite Robert Downey Jr. in Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and she’s been in a lot of great movies since then, both comedies and dramas. She also co-stars in one of our favorite movies of 2011, Duncan Jones’ Source Code, so we couldn’t pass up a chance to talk to her at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this week.

In the exclusive video interview below she discussed:

* Why she decided to do the movie
* Playing a real person who is still alive
* Spending time with the real Lynn Childers
* Her thoughts on Lynn’s demeanor
* How meeting Lynn changed how she played her
* How she kept the different timelines and stories straight despite shooting in order… which we used as an excuse to talk about Source Code
* How inspiring it was to watch Gerard Butler preach
* Some of the other movies she has coming up
*She also told us that The Blonde, a movie she’s producing and starring in should have a director soon
And more!

Machine Gun Preacher opens in New York and L.A. on Friday, September 23 and then expands to other cities starting September 30. You can find when the movie is playing near you on the Official Site. Look for ComingSoon.net’s exclusive interview with director Marc Forster next week.