Exclusive CS Video: The Change-Up


Hitting theaters this Friday, The Change-Up attempts to breathe some fresh life into a familiar fictional trope as Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman re-invent the body-swap comedy with a decidedly R-rated bent.

From director David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers), The Change-Up features Reynolds and Bateman as Mitch and Dave, childhood friends who have arrived at very different points in their lives. Mitch is a happy-go-lucky bachelor, while Dave is married and raising two children. When they wake up in one another’s bodies following a drunken night out, both men have a chance to see how their life could have turned out if they had made different choices.

ComingSoon.net sat down with Reynolds, Bateman, Dobkin and co-stars Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde to talk about the film and how they went about approaching a familiar sub-genre with fresh eyes.