Final Destination 5 Set Visit and Contest!

ON’s horror arm visited the set of New Line/Warner Bros.’ Final Destination 5, and had a chance to talk to the filmmakers behind the fifth installment of the horror franchise, producer Craig Perry and director Steve Quale, as well as most of the cast which includes Nick D’Agosto, Emma Bell (Frozen), David Koechner, P.J. Byrne, Arlen Escarpeta (Friday the 13th) and more.

We’re also happy to announce that New Line will be throwing a party for Final Destination 5 at this year’s Comic-Con on Thursday night, July 21, and Shock is holding a contest for one lucky person to win a ticket for themselves and a guest, which you can read more about here.

Here is an excerpt from the set visit feature:

The appeal of the “Final Destination” series is an obvious one: What would happen if you were present at a horrible catastrophe and by some stroke of fate or luck, you survived while hundreds of others died? You miss your plane or train then find out it’s crashed killing everyone on board. You get off a roller coaster before it derails. You’re sitting in the bleachers at a NASCAR race and something goes horribly wrong… alright, maybe that last one will only appeal to certain people. But the movies are always been about that instinctual decision to leave a situation thereby skirting “death’s design” that it’s your time to die, and risking fate trying to rectify the situation by killing you in some other way—usually one that’s far worse and gruesome than how you might have died originally.

It’s the type of existential question big enough for New Line to have produced four “Final Destination” movies, all which did decently in theaters but have found even more life on DVD and cable. The fourth movie The Final Destination introduced 3D to that world, but its follow-up, called simply Final Destination 5, promises to up the ante on many of the things that worked in the first three movies.

Late last year went up to Vancouver to visit the set of the movie and got to talk to producer Craig Perry, new director Steve Quale, and most of the cast which includes many familiar faces in Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell from “Frozen,” comic actors David Koechner and P.J. Byrne, Arlen Escarpeta from “Friday the 13th” and others.

As had been revealed in the already-released teaser and trailer, the film begins with a huge set piece of a suspension bridge under construction that’s hit with a gust of wind that causes it to buckle and start collapsing. This time around, it’s the members of an office supply company on a bus heading to a work-related team-building retreat who just happen to be crossing the suspended bridge when Death’s design strikes. Due to a premonition by one of them, they survive.

From the moment we arrived on set, it was obvious this was going to be a much bigger movie than the fourth installment, as well as one that pays as much attention to the storytelling and character dynamics as it does to the absolutely gory deaths filmed in what’s like to be some of the best-looking HD-3D. Wait, don’t change the channel just yet, because while this may be the second movie in the franchise filmed in 3D, this time they’ve hired someone who is intimately familiar with the technology, and that’s because director Steve Quale has worked closely with James Cameron on developing that 3D technology.

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