Exclusive CS Video: Tribeca Spotlight on Joshua Leonard


In the last few years, actor Joshua Leonard has become the go-to actor for indie filmmakers, particularly the likes of Lynn Shelton who cast Leonard in her movie Humpday, which has spiraled into quite an amazing new chapter in Leonard’s career.

Leonard appears in two movies at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival: Treatment, a comedy he stars in along with Sean Nelson, who also wrote and co-directed the film with Steven Schardt, the two of them playing screenwriters who get the crazy idea of sending Leonard into rehab to get close to a superstar actor Gregg D, played by Ross Partridge; and Vera Farmiga’s Higher Ground, a film we raved about at the Sundance Film Festival.

The last time we spoke to Leonard was for Humpday along with Shelton and Mark Duplass, and we found him to be a really easy guy to talk to, very well-spoken and funny, and this time we got him on his own to talk about making Sean and Steven’s movie, working with Vera Farmiga as a director, his own movie The Lie which also played at Sundance a few months back and more.

Treatment continues at the Tribeca Film Festival with one final screening on Friday, April 29 at 4PM, and Higher Ground plays again also on Friday at 2:30PM.