CinemaCon: Digital Filmmakers Panel with Cameron, Lucas & Katzenberg


One of the big draws at this year’s CinemaCon was the potential of having three of the most influential and lucrative filmmakers working in Hollywood on stage together talking about digital cinema and how it has changed how they make films. Between them, James Cameron, George Lucas and DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg have grossed 7 billion with their movies in North America alone and currently hold five slots in the ten highest-grossing movies of all time.

Moderated by RealD CEO and Co-Founder Michael Lewis (interviewed here), the luncheon panel was an enormous draw, nearly filling the enormous Octavius Ballroom at Caesar’s Palace.

For roughly an hour, the three men talked about all aspects of digital cinema and 3D, how it has changed how they make movies and why they think it’s important for exhibitors to upgrade to digital if they haven’t already. It’s somewhat of a techie discussion but the filmmakers all talked about what made them become interested in making 3D films or converting to digital and Cameron and Lucas both talk about the logistics behind converting Titanic and the six “Star Wars” films to 3D for theatrical release in 2012. There’s also a lot of fun banter between the three longtime friends and colleagues.

You can check out the audio of the panel using the player below. The audio quality may not be the best because it was recorded in the large ballroom.