Exclusive: The Battle: Los Angeles Cast


True life reports of strange lights and extraordinary encounters have fueled the collective imagination of scientist and storyteller alike since the dawn of man. This Friday, Battle: Los Angeles hits theaters with an unflinching interpretation of a full-scale extraterrestrial invasion and the hard-hitting confrontation with America’s first line of defense: the United States Marine Corps.

Aaron Eckhart leads the charge as Marine Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz with Ramon Rodgriguez and Michelle Rodriguez as officers under his command, collectively the first responders to alien forces landing off the coast of Los Angeles.

ComingSoon.net caught up with the cast at the film’s Santa Monica junket (just down the street from where the film takes place) and spoke with the film’s marines (as well as civilians Bridget Moynahan and Michael Peña) about the film’s attempt to portray attacking aliens with a realistic lens as well as the intensive training involved to bring real-world military training to the big screen.