Exclusive: I Saw the Devil Director Kim Jee-woon


ComingSoon.net’s horror site ShockTillYouDrop.com has an interview with South Korean filmmaker Kim Jee-woon (A Tale of Two Sisters, The Good, The Bad, The Weird) talking about his new serial killer revenge thriller I Saw the Devil, starring Old Boy‘s Choi Min-sik and Lee Byung-hung (G.I. Joe).

You can generally expect a Korean filmmaker to take a different approach to whatever genre they’re tackling, and with the unconventional ghost story A Tale of Two Sisters under his belt, director Kim Jee-woon takes a similarly unique approach in exploring the dark world of serial killers and the revenge thriller in his latest film.

As the film opens, a mysterious stranger played by Choi Min-sik brutally murders the pregnant fiancĂ©e of Lee Byung-hung’s special agent, but the latter isn’t going to take that horrific crime lying down. Instead of letting the law take its course, he goes after the killer himself in order to dole out the type of violent revenge the murderer deserves, and so begins an exhausting chase through the city that leaves many bodies in their wake.

Anyone who enjoyed the stylish nature of director Kim’s previous film, the cult Western The Good, The Bad, The Weird, will appreciate his cinematic approach to this dark subject matter, although I Saw the Devil is not for the squeamish or weak of stomach as he gleefully shows every graphic detail of the absolutely unspeakable horrors perpetrated by both the lead characters.

You can read the interview here!