Exclusive Take Me Home Tonight Interviews


Designing the project as a tribute to the films of his childhood, star Topher Grace (along with executive producer Gordon Kaywin) came up with the original story for Take Me Home Tonight, a comedy/drama set in the age of big hair, bright clothes and cassette tapes. Grace’s character even begins his story working in a bona fide Suncoast Video.

Set in 1988, Grace is Matt Franklin, a recent MIT graduate who, back living with his family in the town he grew up in, just can’t seem to manage a hold on his future. When a chance run-in with his childhood crush, Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer), leads Matt to invent a fictional persona to impress her, he and his best friend (Dan Fogler) wind up spending the party night of their lives trying to keep the lie going.

ComingSoon.net spoke with stars Grace, Palmer, Fogler and Chris Pratt about the film and the nostalgic side of partying 1980’s style.