Exclusive: Seth Rogen on The Green Hornet !


The Green Hornet may not be the best-known comic book character out there, especially if you’re under 40. After all, he started off on radio serials in the ’30s, shifted into comics in the ’50s, then ended up on television in the ’60s, before taking a long hiatus. That strange history has left the character wide open for reinterpretation and who better to revive the character but one of the 21st Century’s most prevalent comic talent, Seth Rogen?

Sure, it may not have seemed like the most obvious match when first announced, but the third movie Rogen has written with his regular collaborator Evan Goldberg follows a similar trajectory as their previous two Superbad and The Pineapple Express in the way it reinvents a genre with their distinctive take on things, joined on this particular journey by eclectic filmmaker Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

SuperHeroHype had a chance to sit down with Rogen, who had a lot at stake with his unconventional take on a little-known pulp hero. It was a really comfortable, casual and fun interview where the actor ended many of his answers with his hearty trademark laugh, and you can read the interview right here.

The Green Hornet opens on Friday, January 14.