Exclusive: The Cast of Unstoppable


Marking the fifth team-up of Denzel Washington and director Tony Scott, Unstoppable puts the Academy Award-winning actor in the seat of Frank, an old hand train engineer being forced into early retirement. Reluctantly winding down his years of service by training his fresh-faced replacement, Will (Chris Pine), Frank is suddenly pitted against a true disaster: a runaway train with explosive cargo. Torn between his sense of duty and a bureaucratic system that cares only about the bottom line, Frank teams with Will to stop the speeding train by any means necessary.

Washington, Pine and Rosario Dawson (who pays Connie, a yardmaster who keeps in radio contact with the pair) spoke with ComingSoon.net about researching for the film, Tony Scott’s camera-heavy directing style (which, despite its frantic pace in the final cut, Washington explains has an on-set effect akin to stage acting), and the real-world parallel between Pine and Washington’s characters.