Exclusive: Tony Goldwyn & Sam Rockwell on Conviction


There have been many movies made about inspirational stories of individuals who have overcome great and insurmountable odds, but Tony Goldwyn’s Conviction is one that’s extremely effective in telling the story of Betty Anne Waters, played by Hilary Swank, a woman who spent 18 years getting her high school GED, going to college and eventually law school with the sheer purpose of getting her brother Kenny out of prison, where he was convicted for life–she believes wrongly–for first degree murder.

It’s another strong role for Swank, following previous inspirational characters like Amelia Earhart and Erin Gruwell in Freedom Writers, but we’re big fans of Sam Rockwell here at ComingSoon.net, having spoken to him a number of times in the last few years, and we were just blown away by his performance as Kenny Waters. It’s a role that allows him to mix his usual charm and sense of humor with one of the most heartfelt performances of his career, as the man who spends 18 years in prison, the only thing keeping him alive being his faith that his sister will succeed at getting him out once she passes the bar exam.

ComingSoon.net sat down with Goldwyn and Rockwell in New York earlier this week, and in the exclusive video interview below, you can hear them talking about:

* Why they wanted to make the movie
* The research they did for the movie and their interaction with the real people
* How Sam integrates humor into the role of Kenny
* Where he drew for inspiration for the character
* What was involved with all the make-up to age Kenny
* How Hilary Swank got into playing her own character
* The criticisms the films has received of being “Oscar bait”

And More!

Conviction opens in select cities on Friday, October 15