Legend of Tarzan Cast Explains How They’re Reinventing the Classic Hero


CS chats with the Legend of Tarzan cast!

CS caught up with The Legend of Tarzan cast at CinemaCon and got a tease of what to expect from the David Yates film

Having already delivered Zack Snyder‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to a still-growing $834 million worldwide box office, Warner Bros. Pictures is gearing up for their big-screen take on a similarly iconic pop culture hero. The Legend of Tarzan, which hits theaters July 1, brings to life Edgar Rice Burrough’s jungle hero for a new adventure helmed by four-time Harry Potter franchise director David Yates. ComingSoon.net recently caught up with Tarzan cast members Alexander Skarsgård (Tarzan), Margot Robbie (Jane) and Christoph Waltz (who would rather keep his role a secret) and got a tease of what to expect from their updated take on the king of the jungle.

“He’s a celebrity,” says Skarsgard of where we’re finding his Tarzan when the new film begins. “He’s the Ape Man. The man who grew up in the jungle. He doesn’t like being famous. He doesn’t like being called Tarzan. He doesn’t like who he was and he’s afraid of who he was back in the jungle and what he’s capable of. He made some powerful enemies back there. He’s afraid of what he’s done back there. He used to be a very violent man and he doesn’t want to revert back to that.”

“I was really, really intrigued by this story,” adds Robbie, “Particularly the place where it takes off. They’ve already got an established relationship. They’re married and have been together for years and years. Then they’re torn apart, kind of like the original story done in reverse.”

The Tarzan cast tease the summer adventure.

“It’s not about the beast sort of learning how to civilize himself and how to function with human beings,” Skarsgard continues. “This Tarzan has already done that. He’s perfected it. It’s about the beast inside. He’s an animal, but he’s in a three piece suit drinking tea with the Prime Minister. You start out with John Clayton, who is resisting who he is, in a way. Then you go back to the jungle when he’s convinced by Jane and George Washington, Sam Jackson’s character. Slowly, he reverts back to who he is and the more animalistic state that is Tarzan. It was fun, as an actor, to explore going from being civilized to that brutality that is kind of who he really is.”

Although the film isn’t specifically an origin story for the character, the Tarzan cast hint that the backstory will be touched upon during the course of the new film.

“It’s not necessarily skipping over [Tarzan’s origin],” says Waltz.  “It’s just not the predominant narrative in this tale.”

Although the two-time Academy Award winner is officially credited in the Tarzan cast as Captain Leon Rom, Waltz would rather viewers go into the film knowing as little as possible.

“I can’t tell you anything,” he smiles. “Not necessarily because it’s top secret, but because the movie is fantastic. The movie is entertaining. The movie is relevant. The movie is, for me, painful and sad and suspenseful all the way through. There’s no reason you shouldn’t go and see it. Why would you want me to tell you what it’s about?”

In addition to its lineup of stars, the feature promises to deliver big-screen spectacle worthy of its July 1 release date.

“The sets are like nothing you’ve seen before,” Robbie teases. “It’s epic. It’s so, so epic.”

The Legend of Tarzan cast also includes Samuel L. Jackson and Djimon Hounsou. If you haven’t already checked it out, click here to watch the most recent The Legend of Tarzan trailer.