SuperHeroHype Visits the Set of Jonah Hex

ON’s comic book movie site SuperHeroHype went down to Louisiana last summer to visit the set of Warner Bros.’ Jonah Hex, starring Josh Brolin as the Western character who has thrived in a variety of DC Comics series since being introduced in 1971. Here’s a clip from their report:

When were told we were going down to the set of Warner Bros.’ movie based on the DC Comics “Weird Western Tales” hero Jonah Hex, we had a lot of expectations on what we might have a chance to see there… hopefully a lot of horseback riding, some gunfights, maybe even Megan Fox in lingerie.

With our anticipation building up, we learned we were heading to the bayous of Louisiana, to some of the most dangerous areas in which only the bravest filmmakers would dare shoot. We received incredibly-detailed instructions about the location where the film was shooting, essentially stating, “It is very humid and warm here with plenty of mosquitoes and other biting bugs, poison ivy, poison oak, and even crocodiles, so it is better to be covered in layers than to wear shorts and flip-flops.” And “Tell them to pretend they are going camping for the day!” As we were being driven away from the center of New Orleans, we were even told by our driver that he would be taking us to a place called “Violent, Louisiana,” which certainly sounded promising for a movie about Jonah Hex.

Imagine our surprise when we finally arrived to our destination and it was a fairly placid field with makeshift tents, which we were told was the Union army encampment where Brolin’s Hex was in conversation with Will Arnett’s Lieutenant Grass, coordinating how to capture the outlaw Turnbull. No fistfights broke out and no guns were drawn, but at least we were going to be able to talk with all involved. The production was roughly midway through shooting the film, on Day 22 of 47 planned days, and unfortunately, we hadn’t picked the best day to visit. Just one week earlier, we hear they were shooting an enormous river battle between Ironside battleships, too. Oh, well.

You can read the rest of the visit including interviews with Josh Brolin, Will Arnett, director Jimmy Hayward and producer Andrew Lazar over on SuperheroHype.