Robert Rodriguez’s Predators Attack SXSW!


Producer/writer Robert Rodriguez, director Nimr√≥d Antal and creature designer and FX man Greg Nicotero showed up at South by Southwest Film Festival with the first trailer and some surprises from their upcoming movie Predators, a rousing “First Look” presentation that had people lining up for hours earlier and desperately trying to get the special priority passes (of which there were only 45 available.)

Fortunately,’s horror site was able to get in and you can read a brief overview of what was shown and said there, which includes a description of the first trailer and an extended clip shown. Rodriguez and Antal also talked about the general premise, the design of the new Predators and whether or not the movie will be PG-13 (as some have worried) or R, and even whether the movie might end up being in 3D as seems to be in vogue.

Check it all out over at!