Interview: Rick Baker Opens Up About The Wolfman


Rick Baker and the Wolfman. The pairing of the two is sweet like peanut butter and chocolate, and when we broke the scoop about his involvement back in 2007, An American Werewolf in London fans rejoiced. It’s the first time, in a long time, Baker gave us a lycanthrope. We almost got to see one of his beasties run rampant had Dimension Films and Wes Craven stuck with their initial vision of Cursed in 2005 (KNB EFX later took over creature duties when Baker’s designs were scrapped). Before that, he took the minimalist approach in bringing out the animal in Jack Nicholson in Wolf.

With The Wolfman, it’s full-tilt Baker time with actor Benicio Del Toro in his make-up chair undergoing a hairy metamorphosis that Baker says is inspired by the original Jack Pierce make-up and features a few alterations. He explains more in an upcoming video interview we’ll be posting later this week, however, Shock Till You Drop had about an extra fifteen minutes off-camera to speak with Baker about the remake, Cursed, An American Werewolf in London II and the other Universal monsters he would like to explore.

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