Exclusive CS Video: Mike Judge on Extract !


Despite all the success Mike Judge has had on television with his animated shows “Beavis and Butthead” and “King of the Hill,” it is yet to translate to his live action feature films with both Office Space (1999) and Idiocracy (2006) finding most of their audience on DVD and cable after the fact. With the end of “King of the Hill” on the horizon, Judge is back with Extract, another workplace comedy, this one set in an extract factory full of lazy incompetent workers.

Running the show is Jason Bateman’s Joel Reynold, the beleaguered factory owner who just wants to leave work early enough that he can have sex with his wife (Kristen Wiig). Joel’s frustrations are amplified when a freak accident has a former employee threatening to sue the company, so Joel decides to listen to the hair-brained scheme of his drug-taking friend Dean (Ben Affleck) to try to hook up with the attractive new temp (Mila Kunis), who has her own reasons for being at the plant. Things get progressively worse from there.

ComingSoon.net had a chance to sit down with Mike Judge for another one of our exclusive video interviews and some of the things we discussed with him include:

* How he wrote “Extract” right after finishing “Office Space” though not really as a companion piece but then shelved it for years.
* How he got Jason Bateman interested and why he decided to make the movie independently.
* Why he chose to use the movie to show the management side of things.
* His own experiences working in factories.
* The creative process used to put the movie together and his influence for the characters.
* About how he ended up with a famous rocker playing lawyer Joe Adler.
* Talk about that recent Beavis and Butt-head promo.
* His feelings on the end of “King of the Hill.”
* He tells us about “The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard,” which he’s producing, based on the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and written by two of the guys behind “King of the Hill.”
* And more!

Extract opens tomorrow, September 4, nationwide.