Exclusive: Final Destination Producer Craig Perry


Last year, ShockTillYouDrop.com had a chance to visit the set of New Line’s The Final Destination, which you can read about in their set report, but a good portion of the time there was spent talking with producer Craig Perry, who really is the best spokesman for the franchise he launched nearly ten years ago. You can tell that he still has all the energy and excitement about the premise and what can be done with it as he did when they made the first movie, and he’s constantly trying to do new things with it. In this case, it will be the first movie in the franchise to be filmed and screened in full and glorious 3D!

David Ellis, the director of Final Destination 2 (and Snakes on a Plane) has returned for this one, which revolves around a group of kids that survive a horrendous race car crash, only to become targets for Death, as he tries to clean up the loose ends that got way.

You can read the interview with Perry here!