CS Video: Bobcat Goldthwait on World’s Greatest Dad


Bobcat Goldthwait might not quite be ready to put his stand-up days behind him–just one specific part of it (read on)–but he’s definitely ready to be taken seriously as a filmmaker. His new dark comedy World’s Greatest Dad, which received raves at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, is clearly a step in the right direction.

It stars Bob’s long-time pal Robin Williams as Lance Clayton, a failed author, high school poetry teacher and the single father of the most awful teenager on earth (played by “Spy Kid” Daryl Sabara) but who suddenly finds a way to achieve the fame he’s always desired after what might have been a tragic incident.

ComingSoon.net spoke to Goldthwait three years ago for his previous film Sleeping Dogs Lie–an interview you can read here–and it was already evident back then that he was serious about his role as filmmaker, but this follow-up is clearly one that shows his growth as a director and it’s deservedly getting a lot more attention because of it.

In our exclusive video interview below, you can hear Bobcat talk about:

* “The Sundance Jinx” and how the “Girls Gone Wild” infomercial shown after his Comedy Central movie “Windy City Heat” got better ratings
* How he had more time to make “World’s Greatest Dad” than making “Sleeping Dogs Lie”
* How his friend Robin Williams got involved in the project
* How Richard Kelly got involved with the project
* The general premise of the movie he wanted to make
* How much of Robin’s character is based on the real Robin or himself
* Whether or not that really is Robin doing that unforgettable nude scene
* And lots more!

After the interview, we spent a few more minutes talking to Goldthwait about his recent stand-up comedy tour, which he had filmed, and he elaborated a little more about his decision to return to stand-up and how he realized it was not doing stand-up that bothered him as much as feeling obligated to do “that character.” It’s clear to us from talking to Bobcat a second time that this is a guy whose talents are going to continue to develop and be discovered well into his ’50s and beyond.

World’s Greatest Dad opens in select cities on Friday.

You can watch the interview below and an exclusive clip here!