Exclusive Pontypool Poster and Interview


ComingSoon.net’s brother horror site ShockTillYouDrop.com has your first look at the new poster for Bruce McDonald’s viral outbreak thriller Pontypool, as well as an interview with the Canadian filmmaker.

Based on the novel “Pontypool Changes Everything” by Tony Burgess (who also wrote the screenplay), the film takes place in a basement radio station in the town of Pontypool, Ontario, Canada, where the town’s local shock jock Grant Mazzy, played by Stephen McHattie (A History of Violence, Watchmen, 300), starts to get disturbing calls from outside that something has gone horribly wrong with the people of the quiet town.

Pontypool opens on May 29 in New York and L.A. as well as on On-Demand on May 27 as part of the IFC Midnight series.

You can see the full poster and read the interview here!