Get Fired Up !


While most high school guys would be looking forward to hanging out with friends and brushing up on their athletic skills during summer football camp, Shawn Colfax (Nicholas D’Agosto) and Nick Brady (Eric Christian Olsen) were not. Instead the two stars of the team had a different plan in mind.

In Screen Gems’ new teen comedy Fired Up, opening on February 20th, Nick decides the rebellious buddies should do something completely unheard of and rather controversial in a mischievous scheme to meet girls… go to cheer camp.

The movie is actually loosely based on producer Matthew Gross’ real life high school experience of going to cheer camp with his friend Phil Needleman and 25 years later, his memories of that unforgettable summer are about to be told on the big screen.

The film also stars John Michael Higgins as the cheer camp’s coach and Molly Sims as his beautiful and peppy wife.

Parts of the movie were shot in Arcadia at the arboretum and chatted with the cast and watched spirited teenaged cheerleaders on their first day of camp.

The two guys are rather excited about their plan to be surrounded by hundreds of beautiful girls and talk openly about all of the hotties around them, but it’s not until they arrive to camp and go to orientation that they realize they actually have learn how to cheer and pretend to be enthusiastic about it.

The scene we saw starts with an overly animated Higgins welcoming the girls and two guys to camp. He attempts to get the lively crowd riled up by shouting cheers for them to chant.

Higgins repeats over and over, “How do you spell fired up?”

The excited pack yells, “FU.”

While Higgins is warming the crowd up and the girls are clapping and are visibly happy to be there, Olsen and D’Agosto sit towards the back looking as if they don’t know what they got themselves into. They are starting to realize what cheer is really all about and are not sure they made the right decision. That is, until they meet Molly Sims’ character.

Although Higgins is married in the movie, it’s unclear as to whether his character is in fact straight or not, and after the group of energetic girls settled down, Higgins introduces Sims as his wife and gives a rather bizarre compliment as she joins him on stage.

“I know I’m partial, but she’s got the hottest set of shoulders this side of Matthew McConaughey. Did I say Matthew McConaughey? I meant Mandy Moore. I always get this mixed up,” he laughed.

Olsen’s character catches on quickly that he might not be heterosexual and leans over to D’Agosto’s character to whisper, “I don’t care if she is his wife. There’s no way he’s hittin’ that on my planet Earth.”

The film takes place in the Midwest and we learned that at cheer camp there are rival teams – the Panthers, who are the evil empire cheer squad, and the Tigers, who all the main characters are a part of. Apparently both teams are very competitive and will do anything to win the big cheer competition.

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Nicholas D’Agosto & Eric Christian Olsen

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