Christian Bale on Terminator Salvation


Sure, the excitement surrounding The Dark Knight is at a fever pitch, but what about that OTHER big-budget, blockbuster franchise that’s going to star Christian Bale?

The actor underneath Batman’s cowl has just started filming Terminator Salvation for director McG, playing the adult John Connor in the post-apocalyptic world portended in the James Cameron-conceived movie series. squeezed a few nuggets from the star about why he chose to take on what’s sure to be one of summer 2009’s most anticipated films.

CS: What attracted you to another big franchise like “Terminator?”
Christian Bale: Well, initially, actually, that was NOT an attraction. I felt that I wasn’t sure where it could go to. Before I gave an answer, I went back and reviewed the other movies. I felt like “Okay, unlike ‘Batman Begins,’ this would be something where we would be respecting the previous mythology.” Certainly of one and two, not so much number three – but certainly you would be recognizing that mythology, unlike “Batman Begins” where we were saying that this is the beginning, right here. But what I view in it, and what has ultimately made me make the choice to make it, is that I see the same potential for reinvention and for breathing new life into the mythology. That’s what I view our responsibility as filmmakers to be. It’s pointless if we don’t succeed in doing that.

CS: How is filming going?
Bale: Good, good. They’re a number of weeks in. I’m just a week and a half in… It’s going well. It’s a tall order, it really is, and I recognize that and we have a lot of work to do, and I’ve just begun on it, because I only just finished working on “Public Enemies” a couple of weeks back.

Terminator Salvation is scheduled for a May 22, 2009 release.