Set Visit Preview: Observe and Report


Hanging out of the set of a Seth Rogen film is like scoring a front row seat to your favorite uproarious raunchy comedy show, so when Warner Bros. invited us to visit Rogen on the set of his new flick Observe and Report, we couldn’t wait to pack our bags and head to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The story follows Ronnie Barnhardt (Rogen), an overzealous mall security guard who thinks he’s finally got his big break to show off his policing skills when a flasher begins to terrorize the mall.

However, Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta) is called to help and Rogen’s character protests by waging war on the cops, which doesn’t really work out in his favor.

The R-rated comedy co-stars Anna Farris, who works at the mall and happens to be the girl of Ronnie Barnhardt’s dreams, and Michael Pena, who is also a mall security guard and Barnhardt’s right hand man. The film is written and directed by Jody Hill, who recently found great success with the release of his first film, The Foot Fist Way, in which he pays homage to his latest project.

Watching Rogen’s hilarious unpredictable improv talents is always a pleasure no matter how many times we’ve been to one of his sets, so when we saw him as a mall cop with major attitude, all we can say is he definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Stay tuned for the full set visit as we get closer to the film’s April 10, 2009 release.