Toy Fair: More Pics from Hasbro’s Jurassic World Line


jurassic world’s Toy Fair coverage continues with our first pictures from Hasbro’s annual Collector/Fan Event and we’ll start off with pictures from Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World. And yes, you’ll probably realize that we posted a ton of pictures just yesterday, but guess what? We’re posting more!

Actually, we know a little more about them today after the Hasbro presentation, including how the larger electronic T. Rex uses a Stomp & Smash technique that you can see demoed in the video below, plus you can see the equally large electronic Indominus Rex in action.

Hasbro gives us another look at the Pteranodon vs. Helicopter scene from the movie, as well as a couple of the new Velociraptors, named “Charlie” and “Blue” in the movie. Hasbro was given license to create their own dinosaurs so in the spirit of the movie’s hybrids, they put a Triceratops head on a Stegosaurus… just because they could (That doesn’t actually appear in the movie.) The big playset for Jurassic World is the Tyrannosaurus Rex Lockdown, which is a new redesign (and a slightly smaller version) of the playset created for the original Jurassic Park 22 years ago.

Hasbro is also starting a new initiative for Jurassic World called Brawlosaurus that lets players wind up their dinos, choose a setting (it works like Rock, Paper, Scissors only with Slash, Bite and Bash) and set them loose against each other. Again, you can see the Brawlosarus Play Set in action in the third video below.  

We also have pictures of some of the fluffy plush toys, more of the new Super Hero Mashers toys using the Jurassic World dinos, and all of it gives you a pretty good idea of the variety of dinosaurs that you’ll see in Jurassic World.  

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