The Oscar Warrior’s 2008 Predictions Part 1

ON’s Oscar Warrior has posted his final predictions for the 2008 Oscar nominations in the four acting categories by analyzing the nominations and awards won so far and suggesting who may or may not get into the race. Here’s a preview:

Okay, okay, we’ve really been dragging this awards season with getting up our final predictions for the year, although we’ve had a few previews over the course of the past few months, which you can read elsewhere on the Oscar Blog. 2007 ended with things being a lot clearer due to the nominations announced by the Hollywood Foreign Press (Golden Globes), Broadcast Film Critics (Critics’ Choice Awards) and Screen Actors Guild, all of which are strong precursors for Oscar nominations. Most of these organizations will be announcing their winners in the week or two, while the other guilds (DGA, WGA and PGA) will be announcing their selections leading up to the announcement of the Oscar nominations on the morning of January 22.

To help get things moving, we’ll start as usual with the acting categories and then post the writing, directing and Best Picture choices later this week. (And this time we mean it!)

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