A Chat with The Brothers Solomon


If you’ve been searching for that one movie that’s going make you laugh so hard it hurts, look no further. Will Forte’s The Brother’s Solomon promises to be nothing short of hilarious, based on the clips I got to see at a Los Angeles set visit. The film, which stars Forte along with fellow comedian, Will Arnett, is about two socially inept brothers determined to fulfill their dying father’s only wish – to see his first grandchild. But first, these inexperienced boys will have to do what it takes to make that baby (namely, find a girl or two and procreate). What for them is an embarrassing journey, wrought with politically incorrect mishap after mishap is for us, comic relief.

Director, Bob Odenkirk, (Let’s Go to Prison, HBO’s “Mr. Show”) summed up the movie succinctly when he described it as “classic” and “funny as sh*t.” When I sat down with Bob, he was warm, humble, and truly excited about this project. He admitted that while as a director he’s “f*cked up a few times,” he won’t be screwing up here, mainly to Forte’s credit. “Forte’s a great writer; there’s a lot of precision to his writing,” Odenkirk gushed. “I’ve got to give the script props… The fact that I can show you whole scenes and they’re funny and they make sense is [all] testament to the script… I told Forte… this is as good as ‘Mr. Show,’ [Odenkirk’s TV baby].” Even with all the accolades Odenkirk was giving to Will Forte, he still had plenty of nice things to say about the film’s other comedian, Will Arnett. “Arnett impresses me… he’s got the tools. He’s got acting chops.”

Arnett certainly does have acting chops. He was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the cancelled, albeit critically acclaimed sitcom, ” Arrested Development.” In The Brother’s Solomon, his acting is equally impressive. Yet when questioned about his methods, Arnett was modest, chalking up his performance to the power of comedy. “You always try to make the other person laugh – that’s the main goal,” he shared unassumingly. He also told me that feeding off of Forte makes him funnier – “It’s a feed-off frenzy,” he insisted.

Forte, who originally wrote the movie as a pilot for a TV series, couldn’t be happier with the casting of Arnett as his brother. “Eight years ago, [Will Arnett] was who I was writing [this part] for, but I didn’t know it [at the time].” Today, Forte and Arnett share a real life friendship that translates effortlessly on screen (Forte also works with Arnett’s wife, Amy Poehler, on ” Saturday Night Live”). “It’s not a competition…We were great friends before this, [who had] shared many hugs,” Forte told ComingSoon.net. “It’s true,” Arnett jokingly interjected. ” We were doing a lot of freelance hugging” prior to ‘The Brother’s Solomon,’ but now we get paid to do it!”

You can watch Forte and Arnett’s on screen love-fest for yourselves when The Brother’s Solomon opens in theaters on September 7.