In the Future with David Duchovny


After a five year break from appearing regularly on a TV series, David Duchovny is returning to the small screen. He briefly talked to about his new TV show at the press day for his latest film The TV Set and what being back on a weekly show means for the rumored upcoming “X-Files” movie.

His new project will be on Showtime, and as of now, it’s known as the “Untitled David Duchovny Series.” They will start shooting in late May or early June, but the pilot is already finished.

“It’s pretty fascinating. I don’t really know what the show is about. I love the character. I love the pilot. The pilot is fantastic. It doesn’t have a hook. He’s not a doctor, he’s not a lawyer, he’s not a FBI agent, he’s not a cop, he’s not a fireman, he’s not a mob guy. He’s a writer who doesn’t write. So I kind of love that I don’t know where it’s going,” Duchovny laughed.

But don’t think that just because he’s returning to TV means he’s giving up on movies. He’s still very much interested in film and in fact, Duchovny is excited at the possibility of reprising his role of Agent Mulder in another “X-Files” flick. “It would be fun,” he said. “Actually I think they are talking about an ‘X-Files’ movie this week. I’m not just saying that because it’s serendipitous. I know Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz are in there this week with Fox talking about it.”

He’s not the only one who is anxious to come back on board, as he told us that Gillian Anderson would also love the opportunity to play Agent Scully again. “Yeah, she’ll do it. We’ll all do it. We’re all gung ho and we’re just waiting. I guess there are things to figure out, and I guess people are talking about a strike. They’re trying to get it done before things like this.”

While it sounds like the details are being ironed out, one thing is for certain. Since his show is on a cable network, Duchovny doesn’t have the challenging schedule he once did, therefore making it unproblematic for him to do another “X-Files” movie.

“Yeah, see one of the great things about going back to television is I go back to cable television, I will have an 11-week shooting schedule. That’s it. You know ‘X-Files’ was easily 43 or 44. It didn’t really give me a chance to really do anything for that eight or nine years even though I tried to stuff some things in. It’s really kind of a great job in terms of my schedule.”

And while he admitted there is already a plot for the second “X-Files” film, he said he has no idea what it is. “There is a story¬Ö but I don’t know it.”

Duchovny’s next movie, The TV Set, opens on Friday, April 6, in New York and L.A.