More Pics from Toy Fair 2007!


In our first installment, we looked at some of the toys, games and sculptures at Toy Fair 2007 mainly geared towards movies coming out this year. We have a few more of those here, too, but there are also lots of cool sculptures and toys based on Marvel Comics characters not necessarily tied into the upcoming movies, and sculptures based on classic films like The Silence of the Lambs and Reservoir Dogs.

You can find pictures of all the items discussed below in the Toy Fair 2007 gallery.

Besides their “Star Wars” and Spider-Man 3 lines, Sideshow Collectibles also had a number of “Terminator 2” busts and statues, a couple new “Alien” pieces including the Queen Mother, and are adding onto their “The Lord of the Rings” line with a GIANT bust of Sauron, figures of Aragorn, Legolas, and Boromir. They’re also adding a larger Sean Connery piece to their line of James Bond figures, though they’ve yet to get approval on a Daniel Craig Bond figure. Other odds and ends including a life-size replica of the tricycle-riding clown puppet from Saw, the Lord of Darkness from Ridley Scott’s Legend (both available 3rd Quarter ’07), and an excellent Elvis figure.

Despite their name, Marvel Toys (formerly Toy Biz) no longer holds the license to make toys based on Marvel Comics or movies, but they will be releasing two series of action figures based on creator-owned properties from Top Cow, Image, Dark Horse Comics and others. The first series, which they’re hoping to release in late July, will include Judge Dredd, Michael Allred’s Madman, Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon and Top Cow’s Ripclaw and Witchblade. Each of the six figures in the series will include a piece to build-up a larger figure of Dale Keown’s Pitt. (His sidekick Timmy will be packaged with Judge Dredd.) A few weeks later, they’ll offer a second series of figures which includes Judge Death, Top Cow’s The Darkness, another Cyberforce figure, Art Adams’ O’Brien, each with a piece that will allow you build-up to her partner Monkeyman. (Even though Hasbro has coopted this idea for their new Marvel Legends line, it actually originated with Toy Biz’s previous Marvel series.) Marvel Toys will also offer two-pack figures based on Jason Pearson’s Body Bags and another that pairs Conan with the Destroyer of Souls, plus they continue their line of action figures based on TNA Wrestling.

NECA, who’s doing a full line of “Harry Potter” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” toys and sculptures, had a solid line of movie-related sculptures, toys and merchandise, the centerpiece being their huge line of action figures and merchandise tying into Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse. They also had lifelike figures of Hannibal Lecter, Al Pacino’s Scarface, Jareth the Goblin King, the five main guys from Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, a couple “Resident Evil” toys and one based on Kratos from the video game “Lord of War.”

French company Attakus showed an impressive line of sculptures based on Marvel Comics characters like Daredevil, Spider-Man, The Hulk and The Silver Surfer, but sadly, they aren’t available in North America or Japan. (They’re not licensed to release them here.) The next time you travel to France, maybe you can sneak one or two through customs in your luggage though.

Besides the “Pirates” stuff in our last batch of pics, USAopoly also has two “Simpsons”-themed Monopoly games in the works for March, a fun Duff Beer dice game (similar to the one in “Dead Man’s Chest”) and a number of games to tie in with Shrek the Third, including an Operation game with Shrek as your patient. Their Transformers Collector’s Edition Monopoly game is based more on the ’80s comics and cartoon than Michael Bay’s upcoming flick.

The Marvel-themed busts and paperweights shown are courtesy of Monogram International who seemed to be very focused on various incarnations of Spider-Man in both red and black costumes, as well as Venom.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” fans might dig the two Jack Skellington “Miracle Action Figures” from Master Replicas, though they’ve apparently been available for a while.

That’s pretty much it from’s visit to Toy Fair 2007, but one can expect that many of the toys and sculptures we’ve discussed will be on movie fans’ wishlists this year.