The Star Wars News Roundup – 9.19.14


The purpose of this roundup is to put the highlights of all things Star Wars from the last week in one location. If you read this each week, you should be able to converse fluently with any Star Wars fan on everything from the latest Star Wars: Episode VII developments to the latest toys. And maybe you’ll even share with them something that they might have missed.

Let’s get to it!

Episode VII News and Rumors

As you are aware, J.J. Abrams and Zack Snyder have been going back and forth in a Star Wars / Superman / Batman game. Most recently, there were rumors that a Batmobile was stolen from the Detroit set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Zack Snyder added a new Star Wars picture to jokingly address the rumor:

J.J. Abrams then trumped him by not only giving us our first look at the “Episode VII” Millennium Falcon, but throwing in another Batmobile teaser:

Let’s continue with this week’s rumors!

Filming also continued at Greenham Commons and more fleeting glimpses for filming took place, as well as rumors of what would be seen there:

Filming with a helicopter

The cast and crew also continue to have fun in social media:

#TheGraceJonesEffect. With @jboyega. He wins. #latergram

John Boyega: “NERVOUS !!!! Can’t believe this will actually happen!”

From Entertainment Weekly:
You’ve had performances in the suit, as voiceover for CGI. It’s also been reported that you’ve done, or are currently doing, motion capture as the character. Which is the best method for portraying C-3PO?

I will tell you that when [director] J.J. Abrams rang me to ask about filming Episode VII, one of the first things he said after he told me how wonderful I was — and that didn’t take long — but he then said, “Would you be interested in being in the film just doing the voice?” I said, “No,” and he said, “Right!” He knew I’d say that. There’s no way I would just do the voice. I also said that it can’t be the same suit. I will tell you that the team then got together and built a new suit. They made an entirely new look-a-like with changes that you will never notice [on screen] that made my life a lot easier. I can get it on and off very quickly. [During the prequels], the only time [Threepio has] been CG was when it was very dangerous [to act in the scene in a suit] — and it wasn’t very good. In fact, I’m going to say it was awful. One of the difficulties is with a character that you know and love so well is that, as a member of the audience, you go, “Oh no, that’s not right. No, he doesn’t move like that.” With me [in the suit], he’s always going to move the same way and have the same reactions, timing, and so on. With CG, you’re working with some brilliant person on the keyboard who is trying to pretend to be me. The only time that has worked without doubt is Disney’s Star Tours: The Adventures Continue [theme park ride]. There’s an element in the pre-show which is digital and I cannot tell it’s not me. It’s brilliantly done by Disney. In a cartoon series like Rebels, you accept it because it’s not trying to pretend to be reality. It’s an extension, it’s an exaggeration. On that basis, it’s utterly acceptable — providing the characterization is correct.

To a casual fan, the character’s personality seems consistent. Has Threepio grown?

It’s a very good question actually. [Pause]. If you ask me about Episode VII … of course I will deny any knowledge whatsoever. But it occurred to me on the set the other day, because I’ve been doing it for so long, being 3PO for so long, I have a kind of confidence about what he would do in a particular scene. I think 3PO might have grown in confidence over the years because he’s survived so many dramas and he’s gained so much knowledge about what’s going on in the galaxy. He may have grown in that way. But generally the way he appears to grow is by being faced by new situations and new conflicts. He’s very much a washing machine — you could put in a set of fine lingerie and he might do it on a different cycle. It’s what you give him to do that brings out fresh attitudes. He might meet somebody who is rude or smelly or just awful and that brings out — I won’t say snobbishness, he is a bit of a snob but … it brings out his reactive quality. That’s always funny for me because I look for new ways to become appalled. A lot of the time in the studio, you should realize, I read the words, my mouth opens, he comes out of my mouth and we all laugh. I laugh. The director laughs, and the engineer laughs. You think, “Yeah, this is really good.”

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And finally, a leak you probably weren’t expecting:

Episode VIII and Spinoff News and Rumors

The Talkhouse podcast about the latter’s new film The Zero Effect, and when Gilliam finds out that Johnson is writing and directing Star Wars Episode VIII, he asks him questions about the experience.

“I’m just starting into it but so far, honestly, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had writing. It’s just joyous. But also for me personally, I grew up not just watching those movies but playing with those toys, so as a little kid, the first movies I was making in my head were set in this world. A big part of it is that direct connection, almost like an automatic jacking back into childhood in a weird way. But I don’t know. Ask me again in a few years and we’ll be able to talk about that.”

“Do you feel a different kind of responsibility because it is Star Wars? Do you feel free?” Gilliam asks Johnson.

“I’m figuring it out as I go,” Johnson told him. “I’m kind of dancing on top of the avalanche a little bit. I’ll have more perspective on it in a while. It’s a balance of remembering what really inspires you about it, but I think you can probably go to the wrong place by feeling too responsible to it. You have to keep your head loose enough to tell a story you care about.”

Terry Gilliam also suggests bringing Frank Oz back to play Yoda and shares a story about meeting George Lucas at Cannes and talking to him about how the puppet Yoda was better than the CG one.

You can read more at the link or by checking out the podcast at the link above.


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