CS Video: No Good Deed’s Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson


Hitting theaters with Thursday evening shows, director Sam Miller’s No Good Deed reunites the helmer with his “Luther” star, Idris Elba, who takes on the role of a homicidal sociopath on the hunt. The behind-the-scenes story begins a full seven years earlier, however, with star and executive producer Taraji P. Henson. In the below video interview with ComingSoon.net, she and Elba discuss the film’s production in detail, revealing a surprise name that she originally wanted to play the lead! Plus, find out why Elba, in the end, very nearly missed the project altogether.

Henson stars as Terri, a mother of two who, one night, finds herself face to face with a charming stranger who claims to be having car trouble. Her husband away and both young children home, Terri is apprehensive at first to lend any aid, but ends up letting the man — Elba’s Colin — into her home. Little does she suspect that Colin is an escaped convict with a violent temper and uncertain machinations.

Check out the video interview in the player below and catch No Good Deed in theaters this weekend.