Interview with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Director Marc Webb



After directing the Sundance favorite (500) Days of Summer, Marc Webb made the move to big budget studio franchises with 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man and less than two years later, its sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is ready to hit North American shores. Having spoken to Webb numerous times over the past few years, even before anyone would think of him as a "Spider-Man director," we've always found him to be quite astute in terms of knowing why he does what he does and that's similarly the case with the current movie version of the popular Marvel Comics character.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finds our hero Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) dealing with two deaths from the first movie as he tries to protect the remaining people in his life including his Aunt May (Sally Field) and Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy. Meanwhile, new evils are coming out of Oscorp in the form of the CEO's prodigal son Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), Peter's childhood friend, and a nerdy engineer named Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx), who suddenly finds himself with immense power after a potentially deadly accident.

After speaking with Webb for the first movie and from Comic-Con last year, had another chance to sit down with Webb, twice actually, during the New York City junket this past weekend.

You can check out both the video interview and written interview by clicking here.