First Look at New Photos From Sun Belt Express

ON has your first look at new photos from Sun Belt Express, the upcoming Evan Buxbaum-directed comedy, starring Tate Donovan, Rachael Harris, Ana de la Reguera, India Ennenga, Miguel Sandoval, Stephen Lang, Arturo Castro, Chance Mullen, Oscar Avila and Selim Sandoval.

In the fall 2014 release, Allen King (Donovan) has a problem. Actually, he has a few. Fired for plagiarizing a student’s work, he’s just about hit rock bottom. Living in sunny Arizona, he now begrudgingly shuttles immigrants across the Mexican border in the trunk of his car – for cash to pay his ex-wife (Harris). But it?s only a matter of time before his life catches up with him and rapidly devolves into chaos as both his pregnant Mexican girlfriend Ana (de la Reguera) and his teenage daughter Emily (Ennenga) land in his car during an illegal run across the border – along with three immigrants in the trunk.