CS Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Crew of Sabotage


Don’t go looking for heroes in the grim and gritty world of David Ayer’s Sabotage, an intensely R-rated pulp thriller, loosely inspired by Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

Arnold Schwarzenegger headlines an ensemble cast as John “Breacher” Wharton, a hardened DEA agent who leads an elite task force (with operatives played by Mireille Enos, Terrence Howard, Sam Worthington, Max Martini, Joe Manganiello and Josh Holloway). Things begin to go wrong when his team conspires to steal a fortune from a violent drug boss, only to have the money vanish. Suddenly, Breacher’s men are at one another’s throats while dodging an internal investigation of the robbery. When the team starts to be picked off one by one, Breacher is forced to work alongside a tough FBI investigator, Caroline Brentwood (Olivia Williams) in the hopes of finding out who is doing the killing before it’s too late.

ComingSoon.net sat down with Schwarzenegger himself alongside Ayer, Manganiello as well as consultants Jaime Fitzsimons and Mark Schlegel, whose real-life experiences informed the cast. Check out the video in the player below and catch Sabotage in theaters this Friday, March 28.