Origins and Evolutions: Sentinels


The X-Men have faced many dangerous and recurring villains in the comics, from Magneto and his rotating Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to lesser foes like Sauron and Mimic, but the biggest thorn in their side, practically during every incarnation of the mutant supergroup, has been the Sentinels, giant mutant hunter-killers programmed with only one directive, to wipe out all mutant existence by any means necessary. They’ve repeatedly been resuscitated by various other villains who have an anti-mutant agenda or just have a grudge against Professor Xavier and his group, leading to numerous incarnations which get increasingly more powerful and humanoid. Of course, these Sentinels have become so popular they’ve crossed over into the various X-Men cartoons and video games, and as you probably know already, they play (literally) a large part in Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, out on May 23. Check out our look at X-Men’s largest and deadliest foes below and don’t miss our previous “Origins and Evolutions” on Green Goblin and Rhino.