Video Interview: AJ Bowen and Sharni Vinson on You’re Next

ON caught up with AJ Bowen and Sharni Vinson in a Los Angeles hotel recently during a press day for You’re Next, opening this Friday, August 23rd, and decided to have a bit of fun with the interview opportunity they were given.

Check out the interview, in which the two discuss who stands a greater chance at surviving a home invasion, their time on set and more, by clicking here.

In You’re Next, during a family reunion getaway, the Davison family comes under a sadistic attack. When Crispian Davison (Bowen) brings his new girlfriend (Vinson) along to celebrate the wedding anniversary of his parents, the family’s evening together is shattered when a gang of mysterious killers begin to hunt the family down with brutal precision. Unfortunately for the killers however, one of the victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.