CS Video Interviews: The Cast of Drift


Arrriving On Demand today, Morgan O’Neill and Ben Nott’s Drift brings to the screen a story inspired by the early years of the modern surfing scene in 1970’s Australia.

Myles Pollard and Xavier Samuel star as Andy and Jimmy Kelly, two brothers who risk it all to follow their dreams of manufacturing and selling custom-made surf boards and homemade wetsuits, all the while following their passion to catch the perfect wave.

Sam Worthington (Avatar), who stars as surf filmmaker JB, joined Pollard and Samuel for a conversation with ComingSoon.net about the importance of the tale, how much it borrows from actual events and the relation between the pursuit of dreams and how it translates to filmmaking.

Also starring Lesley-Ann Brandt, Robyn Malcolm, Steve Bastoni and Aaron Glenane, Drift will also be receiving a limited theatrical run beginning August 2.