The Star Wars News Roundup – 5.31.13


Exclusive Art from Star Wars Celebration Europe by Malcolm Tween

Episode VII and Spinoff Movie News Summary

Scouting for locations for Star Wars: Episode VII continues, this time with the Sunday World reporting that Ireland is being looked at:

Last night the Irish Film Board (IFB) confirmed they had already had several meetings with Abrams about his interest in working here.

“The Irish Film Board, working with Trina Vargo of the US-Ireland Alliance, has been in discussions with JJ Abrams and his team at Bad Robot about filming a number of projects on their slate in the Republic of Ireland,” chief executive James Hickey told the Sunday World.

“We have provided them with briefings about Ireland’s tax incentive Section 481, our accessible locations, world-class crew and production companies.”

John Williams spoke with Zap2It about “Episode VII”:

“We’ve certainly talked about that, and I’m happy and willing to do it,” he confirms. “J.J. Abrams, who will be the director, seems excited about the idea. I have to say that J.J. is a much younger man than I, but I will try to keep up with him as much as I can!”

The imminent birth of a new “Star Wars” iteration intrigues Williams in general. “We now have the benefit of all this computer simulation and technical work that wasn’t even possible 20 or 25 years ago,” he reasons.

“I don’t know how hands-on George Lucas will be — I suspect he will be to some degree — but I can only imagine how excited he must be, to have a director like J.J. have all these tools at his fingertips to produce something even more adventurous technologically. I can’t wait to see what he will do with it.”

The link above has more, including Superman discussions.

According to an interview with Empire, Joss Whedon has a little regret about not diving into a galaxy far, far away:

And what about Star Wars? Have you felt a pang of disappointment about not directing that?

“There was a moment of rue that I was already committed, I’m not going to lie, because who didn’t want to do that as a kid? But I think they got the right guy so just knowing that I’m going to enjoy the film when it comes out is great. I don’t even have to do any work. Can J.J. also make Avengers…?”

The link above has more.

Collider – While there are a lot of directors who would like a shot at “Star Wars,” there’s at least one who is pretty sure he’s not going to be involved – Edgar Wright. He spoke at MCM London Comic-Con:

Any involvement in the new Star Wars projects is highly unlikely, since Wright admits he was perhaps too vicious about the prequel trilogy in Spaced.

So mark that one off the list!

Star Wars Television

Greg Weisman, writer on “Star Wars Rebels,” reported on their progress this week:

Dave Filoni also continues to tease the series with images, this time with a TIE Fighter pilot.

Around The Web

Tenth Letter of the Alphabet – Check out this fascinating story about the origin of the “Star Wars” logo:

Lucas turned to Suzi Race to design a new Star Wars logo. She wrote about her involvement in a two-part post on her site: part one and part two. The Star Wars Poster Book (Chronicle Books, 2005) had a short account of her role:

…Though the poster contained no painted imagery, it did introduce a new logo to the campaign, one that had been designed originally for the cover of a Fox brochure sent to theater owners….Suzy Rice, who had just been hired as an art director, remembers the job well. She recalls that the design directive given by Lucas was that the logo should look “very fascist.”

“I’d been reading a book the night before the meeting with George Lucas,” she says, “a book about German type design and the historical origins of some of the popular typefaces used today—how they developed into what we see and use in the present.” After Lucas described the kind of visual element he was seeking, “I returned to the office and used what I reckoned to be the most ‘fascist’ typeface I could think of: Helvetica Black.”

Visit the link for the detailed story.

Check out this Darth Malgus costume created by a fan: This is the first full test try on for a Darth Malgus costume. Made entirely from scratch by myself at our workshop in Ireland and filmed on a ‘Red MX’ camera by my good friend Kamil Krawczak. These film services are available from Please contact Kamil for a quote. You can also see updates of my other builds on Twitter- @darthserberus interviews Dennis Muren on the anniversary of “Return of the Jedi”: The rancor scene.

Dennis Muren: We tried that originally with a guy in a suit. George thought that might work, and Phil and I were thinking, “This will never work.” But as we got into it, we made a suit that a couple of guys could work with. It was one creature but really being controlled by two people inside of it. It was as big as a person actually is, so it was not a rod-puppet or anything. And it started looking pretty neat, but George pretty quickly said, “No, this is not going to make it.” And we were pretty exhausted, especially me, and I’m sure Phil was, too, from doing go-motion. We didn’t want to go into it for that, and I was always pushing for something different to get rid of the chatter for stop-motion. I think Phil came up with the idea of doing it with a rod-puppet. And that was kind of good. We could hide the rods in the darkness and set the shots up to look like the creature was big.

To get the performance out of it, we did all sorts of… Right away you’ve got Phil or someone’s arm up in this creature. Right away it looks like it’s a muppet or a hand puppet. Even when you’re a kid and you stick a sock puppet on your hand, you know what that looks like. It’s embedded in your mind, and this looked like that. We saw that, and we did everything we could in every shot to have it not look like that. Shooting high speed, shooting slow speed, or shooting things backwards, because bodily, your muscles work differently. The film has got a lot of those shots in it, and most of it we tried to do without doing any matting, because I was not a big fan of matting in those shots. So we did them actually in the camera, except for a couple of shots in there. And we could control the light and the haze and everything on it. And that was kinda good. It was not really a big sequence. It was a tiny little set with five people jammed into it.

Visit the link for the full interview!

A real lightsaber? Check it out!


Written by “Saturday Night Live” writers, Episode 1 sets the stage for this year’s Saga as the official Course of the Force lightsaber goes missing from Nerdist headquarters. Hilarity ensues – from R2–D2 quoting Office Space and dancing like Justin Timberlake to Chris Hardwick dressing as Princess Leia.

Course of the Force is an annual Olympic-torch-style relay run with Star Warslightsabers down the California coastline to San Diego Comic Con, benefitting Make-A-Wish Foundation, from July 9-16, 2013. The race begins at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch and makes its way through San Francisco, then on to LA and all the day down to San Diego. There are also massive “Conival” celebrations along the way, featuring live music and entertainment, expo booths and more – all open to the public. Last year over $100,000 was raised for Make-A-Wish and thousands participated in the fun.

Video Games announced that “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” is available now on the iPad:

Get ready to choose the light side or dark side…with the convenience of a touch screen: Aspyr Media today announced that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is available now on the App Store exclusively for iPad to commemorate the groundbreaking game’s upcoming 10th anniversary.

Developed for the PC and Xbox by BioWare, the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is widely considered one of the greatest role-playing games of all time and has received over 40 Game of the Year awards. Brought to iPad by leading Mac games developer Aspyr, the release also serves as a tribute to Star Wars fans around the world for their unwavering support and passion for the franchise.

“Being able to bring one of the most beloved Star Wars games to iPad for such a momentous event is an incredible honor,” said Elizabeth Howard, Aspyr’s vice president of publishing. “We have a long history at Aspyr of bringing the best games to Apple platforms, and as bona fide fans of the original release, we’ve worked to ensure that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for iPad lives up to its prodigious reputation.”

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, players are immersed in an epic saga that takes place 4,000 years before the Galactic Empire — a time when Jedi and Sith numbered in the thousands. The game features deep character customization, and branching storylines that lets players choose their alignment with the Force and change the outcome of the narrative in real time.

This first-ever mobile release brings the full Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic experience exclusively to the iPad. With hours upon hours of gameplay, the classic RPG includes user-interface enhancements for the touch-screen environment.

For more information on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for iPad, visit

IGN reviewed it:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic still holds up, and remains a must-play for younger players who didn’t catch it the first time around. Though the iPad version’s touch controls make movement clumsy, most of its changes are for the better. If you haven’t played it before, or want to experience it again, this is a great way to do it.

Book & Comic News – Check out some more photos from the upcoming “The Making of Return of the Jedi” book.

io9 – Get a closer look at the new book “Star Wars Storyboards.”

Event News

TheForce.Net – Check out photos from the recent “Star Wars Weekends” featuring James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein, Jim Cummings, Warwick Davis & Ray Park. – Celebration Europe will be doing a rare screening of “Attack of the Clones” in 3D!

With a new focus on the production of Star Wars: Episode VII, Lucasfilm had postponed a wide release of its 3D edition. Now, for an extremely limited engagement, July 26-28, Star Wars fans from around the world attending the Celebration event in Essen, Germany can see Attack of the Clones in 3D. Fans will experience iconic moments from the film like never before, including the thrilling chase scenes on the city-covered planet of Coruscant, the intense ground battles on the rocky terrain of Geonosis, and the first-ever lightsaber duel featuring Jedi Master Yoda.

Visit the link for details.

Collecting News

Check out this SDCC exclusive from Hasbro!

Approximate Retail Price: $24.99

The original 12 STAR WARS action figures are re-imagined for San Diego Comic-Con with a twist based on the mega-hit mobile game ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS from Rovio Entertainment! LUKE SKYWALKER, PRINCESS LEIA, HAN SOLO, OBI-WAN KENOBI, CHEWBACCA, R2-D2, C-3PO, DARTH VADER, STORMTROOPER, SAND PEOPLE, IMPERIAL NAVY COMMANDER and a JAWA are all re-imagined as heroic birds or evil pigs in this set, with each figure in a unique vintage-style blister card featuring ANGRY BIRDS homage to the classic Kenner artwork! The individual blister cards are all packaged together in a collectible package!

Also check out this Celebration Europe exclusive:

Star Wars® The Black Series 6-Inch Boba Fett™ Action Figure With Han Solo™ In Carbonite Accessory

(Ages 4 & up)

In 2013, Hasbro takes collectible STAR WARS action figures to the next level with the introduction of THE BLACK SERIES action figure line! For the first time ever, Hasbro is introducing a 6-inch scale of the greatest characters from the STAR WARS universe, and fans will have an opportunity to start their BLACK SERIES 6-inch figure collection at Celebration Europe with the BOBA FETT action figure which comes with HAN SOLO IN CARBONITE accessory.