Insidious 2 Set Visit: Cast & Crew on the Sequel and First Photos Revealed


Insidious Chapter 2 Patrick Wilson Rose Byrne James WanMarch 1, 2013

The Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles has served as the home to many film productions, both of the Hollywood and independent variety.. You need a hospital reception desk? You got it. A creepy file room or ominous hallways? The Linda Vista – with its dark recesses, rusty pipes and weathered walls – can hook you up.

Today, the Blumhouse production, Insidious Chapter 2, is making the most of this location, utlizing not just its built-in atmosphere (the team is shooting a hospital sequence) but its expansive rooms to construct sets to resemble those seen in the first Insidious. For instance, a former chapel is now house the Lambert family living room. Elsewhere, another room has been blackened out – floor to ceiling – and, when pumped full of fog – will transport its actors into The Further.

Ah, but we’re getting ahead of myself. Let’s first reflect on the fact that we’re standing on the set of the sequel in the first place.

When Insidious was released in 2011, it became the most profitable film of the year, grossing nearly $100 million worldwide. Director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell’s careers were back in the spotlight for the first time since debuting on the genre scene since SAW. (Although the duo gave us Dead Silence and Death Sentence, neither of those films quite captured SAW’s success.) Insidious changed the game for the duo once again and by the time their film ran its course at the box office, there were already rumblings of a sequel, however, producer Jason Blum, Wan and Whannell would deny it. But any horror fan worth his or salt knows that any sort of profit in our beloved genre means “sequel” and, sure enough, Insidious Chapter 2 was born, reuniting the first film’s team and welcoming newcomers like Jocelin Donahue and Lindsay Seim playing young Lorraine and Elise (Barbara Hershey and Lin Shaye’s characters), respectively. The follow-up hits theaters on September 13th from FilmDistrict.

When arrives on the set, we observe a quiet – but unsettling – moment among Lorraine, Specs (Whannell), Tucker (Angus Sampson) and a new character named Carl (Steve Coulter). The dialogue plays out like this:

Carl: Why was he here in the first place?

Lorraine: He tried to castrate himself?

Clearly, someone was hospitalized for attempting something unthinkable. But who is “he”? And why would he castrate himself? Answers are hard to find on the set of Insidious Chapter 2, but we try to uncover what we can. At is a play-by-play of the “press conference style” Q&A that they participated in with Hershey, Shaye, Blum, Whannell, Wan, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. The team’s camaraderie is palpable and they’re prone to joking, making for an easy-going environment.

You can check it out by clicking here!