Interview: Nicolas Lopez on his Chilean Disaster Flick, Aftershock


Nicolás López ‘s Aftershock isn’t a horror movie as much as it’s a disaster movie filled with the kinds of horrors that take place in a real natural disaster – in this case the horrifying 6.2 aftershock that hit Chile in the summer of 2010 that prompted Lopez and Hostel creator Eli Roth to collaborate on a movie that explores horror from a very real place.

It follows as group of individuals, two connected locals and four tourists traveling through the Santiago, Chile travel and party scene, going from cemeteries to big dance parties and seeing the beautiful city. One of the tourists, an American simply referred to as “Gringo” is played by Roth himself, a divorcee on the look to meet women and having three beautiful choices in Andrea Osvárt, Lorenza Izzo and Natasha Yarovenko. Leading the band is Nicolás Martínez’s Pollo, a local player who means well but tends to get them into trouble every way of the turn. And then the earthquake hits.

The movie premiered and played well at last year’s Toronto Film Festival and in fact, it was at that festival that we sat down with Lopez just a day after our interview with Eli to talk about the movie. Lopez is a fun and jovial individual just turning 30, who probably developed that personality going back to his days hosting MTV shows in Chile and directing snarky black comedies that have done big business in Latin America. Aftershock is his attempt at breaking into mainstream American horror, and going by the reactions from Toronto and other festivals there’s a good chance he’ll at least make a mark with fans of B-genre films.

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