Video Interview: Rob Zombie Evokes The Lords of Salem


This year, witches, magic and magicians have been a running theme in movies, but so far, they’ve been used in a fairly tame way, so leave it to rocker-turned-filmmaker and recent author Rob Zombie to shake things up with The Lords of Salem, an insanely violent and trippy look at the return of the witches of Salem, Massachusetts bent on getting revenge for those that persecuted and executed them.

It stars Rob’s wife Sheri Moon Zombie as rock DJ Heidi, who receives a wooden box containing a vinyl record by a group called “The Lords.” Assuming it’s a promo, she plays it with her colleague Herman (Jeff Daniel Phillips) ,but the record starts playing backwards and suddenly, Heidi finds herself pulled into surreal and crazy situations involving a mysterious neighbor and a plan by the current witches of Salem to bring back their Dark Lords. had a chance to sit down with Rob for a video interview at this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin and were surprised to learn that he’d never been to SXSW even with his band White Zombie and it was only his second film festival for The Lords of Salem following its premiere at last year’s Toronto Film Festival.

You can watch the video interview with Rob over on

The Lords of Salem opens in select cities on Friday, April 19.