CS Video: The Cast of Dead Man Down


Making his English-language feature film debut, Niels Arden Oplev, the man behind the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, brings to theaters this Friday the revenge-driven thriller Dead Man Down.

Colin Farrell stars as Victor, a hitman in the criminal underground of New York City whose true mission in life is revenge against those who cost him everything and left him for dead. He’s soon found out, however, by his neighbor, Beatrice (Noomi Rapace). Scarred across her face in an accident involving a drunk driver, Beatrice has some revenge plans of her own and decides to blackmail Victor into helping.

ComingSoon.net sat down to speak with Farrell, Rapace and Terrence Howard (who plays a villainous mob boss named Alphonse) about bringing the gritty thriller to life.

Check out the interviews in the player below and catch Dead Man Down in theaters March 8.