Young People F*cking

Release date:August 29, 2008
(NY; LA release: Sept. 12)


Director:Martin Gero

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Aaron Abrams, Carly Pope, Kristin Booth, Josh Dean, Sonja Bennett, Josh Cooke, Diora Baird, Callum Blue, Ennis Esmer, Peter Oldring, Natalie Lisinska


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Plot Summary:

"Young People F*cking" is a scathingly honest and hilarious portrayal of four couples, one threesome and a crazy night of sex by first-time feature film director Martin Gero. Each of five stories traces a single sexual encounter between each couple, leading from "Foreplay" through to "Afterglow." Each couple's attempt to have sex is met with an endless stream of complications. The Couple, Abby (Kristin Booth) and Andrew (Josh Dean), try to spice up their stale love life, only to discover that things are worse than they thought. Matt (Aaron Abrams) and Kristen (Carly Pope) are The Friends, lifelong buddies, one sick and the other sick of love. Their plan to sleep together goes off the rails when romance rears its ugly head. The Exes, Mia (Sonja Bennett) and Eric (Josh Cooke), hook up again for old time's sake, while trying to hide the feelings they still have for one another. In The First Date, world-class playboy Ken (Callum Blue) comes clean about his history to his naïve young date Jamie (Diora Baird), learning some of her secrets in the process. The Roommates, Dave (Peter Oldring) and Gord (Ennis Ember) are normally at each other's throats, but set aside their differences for a threesome with Gord's girlfriend Inez (Natalie Lisinska). In each case, the couple (and trio) discovers that sex isn;t always simple. An Official Selection of the Toronto International Film Festival, "Young People F*cking" marks Martin Gero's feature film directorial debut, the script co-written with Aaron Abrams has become one of the most talked about films of the year.