With Friends Like These

Release date:February 25, 2005

Studio:Winner Communications

Director:Philip F. Messina

MPAA Rating:R (for language and sexual references)


Starring:Alan Arkin, Robert Costanzo, Beverly D'Angelo, Elle Macphereson, Amy Madigan, Laura San Giacomo, David Straithairn, John Tenney, Lauren Tom, Bill Murray, Martin Scorsese


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Plot Summary:

"With Friends Like These" is a sereo-comedic look at a group of best friends who happen to be working in everyone's second profession - show business. These friends, four poker playing buddies, are in fact character actors, the anonymous working stiffs of Hollywood who wish for something more, something beyond the inconsequential roles they so often play. Along with their wives, kids, and girlfriends, they are dreamers from the burbs and neighborhoods who sometimes stop at nothing to reach for the stars. Would you betray your closest friend to audition for a movie role? No? What if the role in question was the lead in the next Martin Scorsese film? This premise describes the plot of "With Friends Like These" and the result is an hilarious and biting satirical comedy as well as a surprisingly bittersweet tale of life on the outskirts of Hollywood glitter.