Who the $#%& is Jackson Pollock?

Release date:November 15, 2006


Director:Harry Moses

MPAA Rating:N/A


Starring:Teri Horton, Tod Volpe, Ben Heller, Nick Carone, John Myatt, Peter Paul Biro, Thomas Hoving, Jeffrey Bergen, Joe Beam, Judy Hill, Teri Paquin, Bill Page, Ron Spencer, Allan Stone


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Plot Summary:

When Teri Horton, a 73-year-old former long-haul truck driver with an eighth grade education, bought a painting in a thrift shop for five dollars, she didn't know that it would pit her against the highest and mightiest people in the art world and perhaps change forever the way art is authenticated. Working with a forensic scientist, Teri learned that a fingerprint on the back of her canvas matched up with a fingerprint found on a can of paint in the studio of Jackson Pollock. More research showed that the paint on the floor of Pollock's studio matched the paint on Teri's canvas. Because Teri knew that a Jackson Pollock painting the size of hers was worth upwards of $50 million, she thought she had won the lottery. "Not so fast," said the art establishment, which looked down its collective nose at Teri and proclaimed her painting worthless. "Who the $#%& is Jackson Pollock?" is a rollicking adventure story that documents Teri's 15-year war with the art world, lifts the veil on how art is bought and sold in America, and introduces audiences to the funny, profane, and thoroughly unforgettable Teri Horton.